Monday Motivation – 8.10.15

Don't Quit

I haven’t been writing or posting as much as I would like lately. My life these days is pretty much consumed with packing up my apartment and making preparations to move. This entire process has not been the easiest. My desire need to be positive tries to not think about all the setbacks I’ve encountered, including a few today. But I thought I would keep it real and write about it a little now.

When I was in undergrad, this entire poem (if you’re familiar with it you know that this is just the first stanza here) hung in at least two different spots in my first apartment. After I pledged I began to love the idea of seeing it everywhere as a reminder to, of course, not quit regardless of what was going on (and lucky for me, it was pretty easy to find framed copies of it at the Dollar Store, which my roommate and I frequented as we furnished that first little spot our senior year). As an adult it still rings in my ear among other affirmations and quotes I like when I’m going through things. Today was one of those days. I needed the reminder. Hopefully it can be a benefit of someone else too.

Tomorrow is another day to get back up and at it. Whatever I do, I can never forget what my ultimate goals are. That alone is why I can never quit. If you’re reading this I hope you keep the purpose for your goal ever present in your thoughts too and remember “…when care is pressing you down a bit, rest if you must but DON’T you quit.”

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