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Recap: Pancakes & Booze Art Show

One of the best things about living near a major city,  is all the cultural events that take place. Whether it’s a concert, an art show, trap kareoke (that’s next week), an exclusive movie screening, a festival, hearing a nationally renowned author, speaker, activist, etc, – I’m there. So it occurred to me – why […]... Read More
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3 Ways to Crush Your New Year’s Resolutions & Goals

This is the first New Year’s Eve I’ve looked forward to in a long time. While I’ve always enjoyed the New Year itself, generally the anticipation and expectation of what New Year’s Eve should be, has always left me disappointed. On the other hand, the idea of a fresh new year, new beginnings, and new […]... Read More

Conquering Imposter Syndrome & Embracing the Now

August has been a full month for me. Settling into a new place as well as settling into a new job have taken up the bulk of my time to the point that I sometimes have to make myself pause in appreciation.  I look around me sometimes and am almost overwhelmed with gratitude with how […]... Read More
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Appreciating the Now

Story time:   For the past few weeks my life has been about packing, moving, and moving in. The ins and outs of relocating, yet again, by myself, have been a bit taxing. Any downtime with my friends has been a relief. So I told myself now that it’s August, and I’m semi settled, it’s time […]... Read More