Conquering Imposter Syndrome & Embracing the Now

August has been a full month for me. Settling into a new place as well as settling into a new job have taken up the bulk of my time to the point that I sometimes have to make myself pause in appreciation.  I look around me sometimes and am almost overwhelmed with gratitude with how […]... Read More
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Appreciating the Now

Story time:   For the past few weeks my life has been about packing, moving, and moving in. The ins and outs of relocating, yet again, by myself, have been a bit taxing. Any downtime with my friends has been a relief. So I told myself now that it’s August, and I’m semi settled, it’s time […]... Read More
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The Beauty in Letting Go

It is t-minus 2 days until my birthday. Man, there is something about getting another year older that makes you reflect on your life and everyone (and everything) in it. Over the weekend I found myself thinking about a random text conversation with someone that I had that somehow got onto the subject of respectability […]... Read More