Bad Ass Women

I just have to say, this world is full of amazing, beautiful, bad ass women. Living in the DMV, I feel privileged because I see, hear, and read about examples of that everyday. It both inspires and encourages me to see so many women, many of whom look like me, out here slaying in everything you can name of. The entrepreneurs, the creatives, the academics, the STEM geniuses, the lawyers, the doctors, the preachers, the social workers, the activists, and even the ones with the good government jobs. Just out here killing the game like nobody’s business. I love it.  

via GIPHY (sidenote: this has been me all month, lol)

I feel like too often this idea of feminism gets tied up with other people’s misconceptions of what it really is. At its heart, feminism is about the idea of women being able to be treated and regarded equally, as full  human beings and not as the “weaker sex.”  Different variations of feminism may also emphasize other things, such as the fact that my version of feminism is intersectional. But it bothers the hell out of me when people (both men and women) talk about feminism like it’s this bad thing. Like it’s this scourge on earth. As though wanting some equality, in a world where women make $.79 for every $1.00 a man makes, is supposed to be a good thing that should continue. Especially since in this world most successful women you see are working their assess off at work and then going home and expected to take on the expectations all women have placed on them as daughters/sisters/girlfriends/wives/mothers/etc. Seriously, regardless of one’s relationship status, most women I know still have familial obligations placed on them. I know my Mom definitely comes to me a and my sister to talk about things my brothers will never hear about. All that we endure and have to take on…and yet wanting to be regarded as a full human being is too much to ask for. That’s where the line is drawn, huh?

But I digress.

We’re out here doing it. We’re out here kicking ass and taking names. This feeling, which has been on my heart all month, I know will just continue to grow even when this month is over. I’ve been frustrated off and on about various life things this past month, and the cure each and every time has just been being around other women that are all working and striving to walk in their purpose and pursue their dreams. It’s not a competition. We’re all out here trying to do our best, be our best, and live our best lives. That’s a powerful energy to be around, and I’m totally here for it always.





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